Monday, December 23, 2019

Open the Doors, Open the Windows ~ Be Vulnerable, Be Free ~ Receive the Ultimate Gift

As the sun begins to rise, the clouds of color are spreading throughout the morning sky.  Today is December 23.  Two days before Christmas.  I let my thoughts wonder a bit.

For the first time in quite sometime, I am not feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  My to do list isn't a mile long.  All month long I have prepped and prepared.  Really, all year long I have been prepping and preparing.  Sinking in deep with in and setting myself free.

Peeling back the layers, healing, letting go, growing, changing as needed, I am now beginning to see the beauty inside.

It has always been there, but I didn't always recognize it or understand it.

In the spirit of Christmas, there is a magical awe in the beauty that surrounds us.  But likewise, that magical awe and beauty lie within us as well.

When we let ourselves be vulnerable, we open to so much more.  All the doors, all the windows are flung wide open.

This can bring out so many emotions and feelings.  We begin to feel scared, fearful, worry, shame, guilt...the list goes on and on.  When we travel down those feelings, letting them take hold, we begin to close each and everyone of those doors, those windows.

But what if instead, we go to each door and walk through it?  Go to each window, feel the breezes blowing in?

What if instead of letting those feelings take their grip, we instead acknowledge they are there and seek to find out why?  What if we release those feeling then?

I know, that may sound so easy, but when putting it into practice you get stuck.  I totally get that.  It is about recreating new tracks that play in your mind, in your heart.  It is about telling yourself the truth and believing it.  It is about feeling, feeling it all, discovering, healing, releasing.  It is about freeing yourself and letting yourself be vulnerable.

When we are vulnerable a multitude of things can happen.  We draw in closer to God, we draw in closer to our relationships, we find harmony in the day to day, we rise above the chaos and overwhelm, we find light, we grow, we blossom. 

With vulnerability, we build trust.  With trust, we find hope.  With hope, we can deepen our love.  With love, we have joy.  There is joy in vulnerability.  You can find many gifts in it.  Those gifts are what can change you, carry you, grow you, let you blossom. 

And then you being to feel it.  You begin to believe it.  You are thriving, you are finding joy in the day to day, your relationships are deeper, your love and intimacy have grown, you find your harmony, your grounding.

During this magical time of year, fling open the doors, fling open the windows, be vulnerable.  Take the chance to go through each door, stand by each window.  Slow it down, be present, receive the best gifts of all.

May you all have a Holiday season filled with many blessings, peace, joy, love, hope, and grace.  May you open the doors, open the windows, set yourself free.  May your relationships deepen.  May you be vulnerable, may you deepen your intimacy.  May you blossom.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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