Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year!

Hello 2020!

I hope your holiday season was full of blessings and you were able to find peace in it, deeper connection, and joy.

Here we are...a new year, a new decade.  Take a moment to look back over the past 12 months.  What do you see?  What do you feel?

Now take a moment to look back over the past decade.  Wow!  I am guessing there has been so much that has happened, so many changes.  That is how I feel and what I see when I think back over the past year, let alone 10.

The last decade made me a mom, grew my marriage connection, grew myself, deepened my faith, and changed me in ways that I am still discovering. 

2010: 28 years old, 4 years into marriage, had a steady job and a house, and found out at the end of the year we were pregnant with our first baby, my daughter.

2011: Rocked my world, my foundation, my life.  I learned a whole lot about life, marriage, strength, courage, grief, and taking care of myself.  There was a shift in my job that I chose to make.

2012: Was about release, trusting, and healing.  Then it was about pregnancy of our second baby, my first son.  It was about realizing my own limitations and preparing.

2013: Shifting in my job role again and counting down the days until baby was born.  Filled with lots of doctor appointments.  Then my oldest arrived.  Now I was a stay at home mom navigating through parenting and motherhood in a different way. 

2014: Was finding good friends on this motherhood journey. Going through the phases of change with having a baby.

2015: Started out by finding out we were pregnant with our third baby, my second son.  Then deciding we needed to move and get the house ready.  It was filled with preparing our old house, looking for our new one, spending time as just the 3 of us, spending time just me and my oldest, doing all the things we loved doing that we wouldn't be able to do for awhile or again because of the move and baby brother coming.  And ending with baby's arrival and beginning new Christmas traditions.

2016/2017: In all honesty was a blur.  It was filled with activities and adventures, celebrations, working on the new house, learning to navigate being a family of four.  It was a time when I began to realize that some things were off inside me and realized I was facing things like anxiety and post-partum depression.

2018:  Opened with me realizing things needed to change and that change began with me.  My kids were getting a little more independent, falling into a natural schedule for things sleep.  So I spent some time diving into a course, growing, letting go, healing, and moving forward.  It was a turning point for my marriage as we began to put it as a priority.  I learned that after having kids, marriage kind of gets put on the back-burner.  It was also my hubby's and my first time away from the kids for longer than a few hours (it was overnight for a few days, out on our own).

2019:  I learned to peel back layers, release control that isn't mine anyways, deepen my faith, grow my marriage, guide, grow, heal.  I learned about rest, true rest.  I found myself, the one God designed me to be.  Finally accepted where my value and worth are, that I am doing enough, and I am right where I am supposed to be.  I am thriving, finding joy, and living.

Sure it hasn't been all roses and there have been many battles, many storms.  But I am learning how to handle them better and where to put my focus.

It has been a crazy wild ride of a decade, full of twists and turns.  But through it all I have gained so much.

What did your 2019 look like?  How about the last decade?

I encourage you take a moment to review it, learn from it, and release.

Here's to a new day, new month, new year, new decade.  Where will it lead?

May your year be full of blessings, even through the storms and battles.  May you learn and grow, embracing change.  May you find rest and joy.

Happy New Year!

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