Thursday, January 2, 2020

My Words for 2020 and Reflecting 2019's Words

For the past decade I have been picking a word to carry with me for the year. December 2010 was the first time I came across the idea.

Fall of 2010 I was part of an amazing course called Illuminate.  It was about using photography and journaling to work through the grief of pregnancy loss.  I found that is was the next step in my healing journey after having a miscarriage at 17 weeks to start the year out.  The very last assignment was to pick a word for the next year.  This was a new concept for me, but I figured why not give it a try.  I wasn't sure how to go about figuring out a word.  How does one pick?  So for a handful of days I wondered around the house looking for something to catch my eye, to resonate, to fit with where I was at and where I wanted to head. 

While in the hospital waiting to deliver Samantha, I was gifted a wooden sign that said trust along with the bible verse Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and not be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you where you go".

It seemed fitting.  Trust.  I needed to learn to trust again.  Trust God, trust my body, trust my surroundings, trust that people I worked with, trust my instincts.  Trust.

Each year since then I pick a word.  Some years one comes to mind quickly and other years it takes me a bit to figure it out (like half a year).  Some years it shows up throughout the year and yet others it got forgotten about until the end of the year when I reflected.

For 2019 I decided to go a different route.  Taking the idea of the word for the year from the Illuminate course and the idea of a monthly theme word that I learned from an Abundant Mama course and Peace Circle that I took in 2018 (the year I realized something needed to change and it needed to start with me) I combined them into picking a yearly word and a word for each month.

At the time I had no idea how it would go, what it would look like, or if the words would intertwine.  But these past couple of weeks I have been reflecting and I have really begun to see how they all worked together and carried through the whole year working each in it's part with the overall theme.

2019 was rejuvenation.  I knew I needed to release, heal, reset, and find a harmony.  Rejuvenation seemed fitting.  Below are my month words were and something that came out of:

January ~ Open:  Gearing up and opening my heart to see where it would lead.  Leaving space in the calendar, the day, the schedule.  Being open to hearing, learning, growing, changing.  Being open to courses, personal development, coaching opportunities.
February ~ Calm: The start of understanding why God gave us rest and what it truly means.
March ~ Leap:  I really began to push out of my comfort zone here and there, taking chances I wouldn't have normally.
April ~ Heal: I used the month to write out things that had hurt that I needed to release from and heal.  One of the biggest was a friendship that had changed so much it became toxic and was dragging me down, that turned on me.  I peeled back layers upon layers, learning to release and to look for the positive out of it.  
May ~ Fearless:  I looked at this as more of Fear less.  Less fear in the around me, releasing control where I needed, learning to be who God truly meant for me to be, and finding true rest.
June ~ Soften:  Softening my heart, my mind.  Setting my focus and direction in a way that works with the season I was in.  Learning to open up, being willing to dig deep.
July ~ Brave:  Giving a try to new things or things I haven't done in awhile or have been wanting to do I pulled on my brave side.  I went water skiing or well water dragging because I never made it up on skis (but I tired) for the first time since I was 15 (like 20 some years ago).
August  ~ Kindness:  As the Summer came to a close to start out the school year, I began prepping for a new homeschool year.  Realizing that there was a lot of change ahead, we kept it simple and put a focus on kindness throughout.  
September ~ Ease:  With all the changes I was facing and the changes the kids faced we needed to take the time to slow things down a bit.  
October ~ Journey:  I got pushed out of my comfort zone.  I recorded videos, sharing my journey and how I went from overwhelm, sinking, and more to thriving.  I was even on a podcast interview.  I love to write, but the thought of speaking scares me.  But with encouragement, changing my perspective that sometimes hearing creates a deeper connection, I did the interview.  From it I created my first eBook and began the My Mama Side Musings.
November ~ Support:  I began to set my priorities and discover my north star.  As I was learning my direction, I was helping guide others around me.  I discovered a passion for guiding others and got an amazing opportunity to be a part of  Rising Moms Group created by my friend Renae.  I also began to understand that I too, can ask for support and the difference that it truly makes.
December ~ Ritual:  I used the time to set up what would work with the flow and the journey I am on, along with the season I am in.  Using God's guidance I found a way to set up a direction that He was leading me in.  

As 2019 rolled out I began to see how those little words each month intertwined with rejuvenation and how they led to feeling it and being rejuvenated.  So, for 2020 I decided to go the same route.  One word for the whole year, and one word for each month.  I have them written in my planner and will have the monthly word written on a frame in my kitchen.  It is my hope that I will reflect more frequently throughout the year on each word.

I am excited to see where it leads me on this journey. 

For 2020 my word is light.  As for monthly words:
January: Center
February: Connected
March: Release
April: Steady
May: Dream
June: Inward
July: Creative
August: Rejuvenation
September: Space
October: Flow
November: Love
December: Support

I hope you continue to join me on this journey.  As we go through the year, I hope to share more about the impact of these words and the continued journey of the good stuff, tough stuff, and everything in between from all aspects of marriage, parenting, motherhood, change, growth and more.

I encourage you to pick a guiding word for the year.  If you choose to or already have I would love to hear more about your word and why you chose it or how it chose you.  Comment below with what you chose.

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