Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Changing Things Up

For a bit now I have been telling myself that I am going to use nap time, morning time, evening, whenever for XYZ.  Yet, often I have found when the time comes I do something completely else.  Why?

One excuse or another really.  Most often is because I don't set myself up for it.

With everything changing lately and knowing that in may ways, things will not go back to what was.  Sure, some things will.  Other things will take some time to rebound.  Yet, this is a catalyst for changes.

Since the time change a couple weeks ago (which seriously feels like forever ago), I have felt off.  Like an inner harmony link was broken.  I was chalking it up to the shift in time, lack of sunlight, lack of energy.  Yet I still didn't adjust much of anything or reevaluate.  Then with regular activities and schedules ending, changing, or being put on hold I still didn't adjust much or look at things more.

This last week I have been looking things over. 

I recently started looking at the book "In the Flo" by  Alisa Vitti.  In the book she goes into eating and working out based on where you are at with your cycle.  She also goes into works and relationships how to connect them.  But I hadn't really taken the time to put any of it into action.

So last week I began things slowly.  I looked over what we had, needed to do, what to keep as is, what to change, and more.  Day by day I am taking the time.  The time to readjust, plan, and more.

One of the first places I am starting is my focus time with my faith and deepening my connection to God.  I am switching up my early morning workout with a walk after breakfast and focusing on the space around me (birds, plants growing, new growth, and more).  I still do my yoga stretching and meditation first thing after getting up and then my current devotion book ("Mom Heart Moments: Daily Devotions for Lifegiving Motherhood" by  Sally Clarkson). 

During nap time, I am starting off with a focus on Amy Seiffert's book "Grace Looks Amazing On You: 100 Days of Reflecting God's Love".  I am on the book launch team for it and it comes out in April.  But along with reading it, I am using the verse she gives at the start to do some creative prayer work.  I am hoping to include more prayer, more creative prayer in my day and week.  Then I am shifting into digging into "Fully Alive" by Susie Larson

I am adding pockets throughout the day to refuel.  Not only refuel myself, by those around me.  We are keeping some of schedule the same where we can, as far as homeschooling and chores go.  But opening up for trying out some new things, different ways, or just plain letting the kids do their own thing and let them lead.

As we go day to day, the only constant truly is change.  But I ask myself, what can I do within that to allow for the ebb and flow that change brings that also allows for getting done what needs to be done, what needs to be released, and filling us with what we truly need. 

I am also setting up some different boundaries and writing them out.  Ones that I can put into place in my planner that allow me to utilize my time more efficiently, effectively, and the way that God is placing on my path.

Where are you shifting gears?  What has been long on your list that you keep setting aside that now is the time to bring it back?  What boundaries do you need to set or reset?

Let me know and let me know, how things are going.

Praying for you all for good health and well-being, strength and courage, healing where needed, and safety.

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