Monday, March 16, 2020

In the Midst of Chaos

Where is your mindset right now?

In the midst of what is happening now across our country and now at a local level, it is easy to get swept up in the fear.  But fear leads to panic, stress, illness, battles, and more.

In big cities and small towns alike, there has been fights breaking out over toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  Places are closing down daily.  And people are having to keep their kids home and some adults are having their places of work close their doors.

This is not a permanent thing.  It is communities coming together in the best interest of each other, trying to slow down the spread.  In that either we can let panic and anxiety overwhelm us, or we can shift into what can I do in the best interest of those around me.  How we handle the right now, will determine how things end up down the road.

So much of what is happening right now really won't matter in a few months or even next year.  What will be remembered is how we acted and how we treated others.

Yes, a lot of this is an inconvenience.  Plans changed, trips canceled, things closing.  But it is all to benefit all of us.  We can all use this time to shift our mindset, perspectives, and priorities.  Think of it as the world is telling us to slow down and realign.

There are many things in our world that we aren't in control of or we can't control.  Sometimes, all too often, we try to control everything.  But the reality is, there are only a few things we can: our attitude, our behavior, and how we treat others.

With all that is happening, how can you best control your attitude, behavior, and how you treat others?

In this time, I am choosing to keep our schedule the way it is where we can.  For homeschooling that means we use Monday and Tuesday as our math and reading focus days.  The rest of the days, because things are cancled we are changing it up.  We are going to tap into online resources to explore, learn, play, and have fun.  We will go outside more, play more, be creative more.  Try out some new projects.  We will still do our daily devotionals and Bible Study Fellowship reading.

Will there be more tv? yeah probably.  Will some more things change? yup

But we are going day by day, letting ourselves be flexible.  And sometimes it may mean being flexible in the moment.  We will get through this and by putting our focus into the things we get to do, embracing what is happening by letting go of what we can't control, and trusting in God through this.

What are you going to put your energy into?  Releasing control, embracing this for what it is, and changing things up in the best interest of you and others? Or letting fear and panic overwhelm you, causing stress, anxiety, and more.

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